In the spiritual center of our country, in the sacred land where the great Abai lived there are many monuments in the city of Semey. A person who slowly bypasses this land, feels not transmitted feelings, as if he had again read the famous epic by M. Auezov, “The Abai’s Way”. One of them is the monument “Enlik-Kebek” which is made of white marble.

A modern white marble monument on the grave of two lovers: a girl from the state of Matai Enlik and a zhigit of Kebek from the Obykty clan who became victims of feudal social relations of the second half of the 18th century in Kazakhstan. Today, it is important for the younger generation to know the legend of two lovers who were severely punished by the decision of aksakals. In 1960, residents of Abay district from their own funds established a mausoleum. In 1976, at the request of the inhabitants of this area, the entire mausoleum was covered with white marble. The construction used red, maroon and light gray granites, cement, sand, alabaster, lime, ocher, processed by local craftsmen. At the top of the mountain where the monument is installed, the old cemetery was lined around which the flat plates were framed, and between the low beams chains were installed and the fence was leveled with ropes. The monument is a 6 meter tower with a dome, with 4 sides installed arches decorated with oriental ornaments. On the facade of the monument there is an inscription: “Enlik – Kebek”. 8-9 km to the west of the monument there is another monument. It is written in the monument: “In 1917, on June 7, M. Auezov’s play Enlik – Kebek on the Yurt Stage” was staged for the first time.