80 years since the birth of Abish Kekilbaev

In the ethno-memorial complex “Atameken” a memorial evening dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Abish Kekilbayev was held. During the meeting, topics about life and the great heritage left by Abish Kekilbayev for the good of the country were touched upon. The outstanding works of the writer have contributed to the development of Kazakh literature and Kazakh spirituality which will forever remain in the memory of the people. Along with this, Balzhan Bekmagambetova, an information and publishing specialist read verses in memory of “Dana Dariya” dedicated to Abish Kekilbayev, and a video about the writer was shown. Such works of A. Kekilbayev as “Elen-Alak”, “Urker”, “Shynyrau tubinde” were discussed.