Since immemorial time, ancient, nomadic civilization has spread its influence in Central Asia and East Asia territory. Travelers and wise elders could spend hours telling the wonders and incredible treasure they have ever seen. In the flow of time and information have reached us only a small grain of that, as was erected temples and amazing structures that stood for centuries, and extant in its original form. In 2016 in East Kazakhstan archaeologists have discovered a burial place, which can be called historical sensation. In the Valley of the Kings, where noble persons were buried in the first millennium BC, found the remains of a man and seven horses, dating back to the end of the IV century BC. This find has thundered all over the world, as one of the most significant in the archaeological community. The open-air museum “Atameken” did not stay aloof. Already today, among many amazing makets, you can also see this unique and attractive glass sarcophagus, which also found a place in our museum. The area of the dome of tempered glass is 90 square meters, and the height from artifacts reaches 8.5 meters. It is located in the Katon-Karagai district of the East Kazakhstan region.