The memorial complex Korkyt-ata is built in the neighborhood of the railway junction “Korkyt” in 1980 in 18 kilometers from the village Zhusaly, Kyzylorda region, 77 km before Baikonur. The complex is constructed in 1980 in memory of the esteemed muslim Saint Korkyt. Korkyt – the storyteller, composer, patron of poets, musicians and baksy. Korkyt lived in the end of 8 and beginning of 9 century. According to legend, Allah has decreed to create a kobyz. This place is considered the center of the Earth, and two kilometers from the complex over the railroad tracks, on the bank of the Syr Darya was the tomb of Korkyt. It has been washed away by the river in old times. The complex consists of several constructions. The most interesting is the monument “The singing pipes”. It represents four kobyz which look in four parts of the world. Between them is a set of tubes, which plays the intricate music of the wind. The creation of this monument architect used the aerodynamic effect: in mazar the ceiling hanging pipe, and a whiff of steppe wind extracts melodies of kobyz. Authors – architect A. B. Ibrayev, physicist – S. I.