Kazakhs have a wise words «Kartyn syilagan eldin kazynasy mol». Every year on October 1 in our country is celebrated «International Day of Older Persons». This is respect for the elder age, generosity and humanity of the person’s inner world. The purpose of the younger generation is attention to every retiree. With respect to that celebration of this date, the employees of the Ethno-memorial complex “Map of Kazakhstan” Atameken “congratulated the elderly people of the capital.

On behalf of the Complex, the employees delivered the necessary food products to the veterans of the rear of the Great Patriotic War Ainekbayeva Khalime Bushaikyzy and Yerina Klara Feodorovna.

Thanks to the wise and far-sighted policy of the Head of State, all the necessary conditions are created for a decent life of veterans in our country. When people have older people with prophetic thoughts and wise instructions, there are peace and harmony reign in the younger generation. Employees of Atameken visiting dear elderly people enriched with invaluable experience.