November 13 is the International Day of the Blind.  This day is celebrated in honor of the birthday of the founder of the first in the world boarding school for the blind in Paris in 1784, the teacher and founder of tiflopedagogics, Valentin Haüy. By decision of the World Health Organization, this day was chosen as International Day of the Blind. With respect to that, the employees of the ethno-memorial complex “Map of Kazakhstan” Atameken” of the akimat of        Astana city congratulated people who even don’t see, but have rich inner world on their holiday.

Honored Artist of Kazakhstan, member of the Union of Journalists of RK Serik Karibayevich pass a strong sense with the help of a melodious song, and the master of aitys, poet Malzhanbai Azamat performed poems. People who feels the world with their fingertips showed that they are not far from art too. They performed a commemoration poem to a motherland and sang Shamshi’s songs with a special feeling. Seeing the world for a moment is the most precious and cherished dream of the blind.  But alas, they can only feel their surroundings with their hands and feel them with their inner world. However, they are not broken at the will of rock selfless soul. Citizens who have lost their sight are not nearly wronged by life. With the help of these virtues, they did not lose interest in life, and on the contrary they have improved it.

The main purpose of the employees of the complex was to attract attention and also to support people who lost their sight. Once again, we are convinced that persons who are faced with the challenges in life never despair of difficulties and are always spiritually powerful.