The monument was built in 1846. The monument is located 40 kilometers southeast of the village of Inder, Inder district of Atyrau region. The base is solid concrete. The wall is covered with concrete from the inside and the outside is covered with green moss. The roof is a concrete dome. The diameter of the outer circle is 7.6 meters, the inner diameter of the circle is 6.2 meters. The height of the main wall is 6.4 meters, the height of the dome is 1.8 meters, the diameter of the drum is 5.2 meters, the total height of the mausoleum is 12.2 meters. The door of the mausoleum is made of wood and it varnished. At the entrance to the mausoleum there is a staircase with a height of 1 meter, 0.5 meter thick lined with green moss. The author of the monument is Kopbol Demesin.