The monument of architecture of the XIX century is the mausoleum of Omar and Turа, located 20 kilometers east of the village of Old Beineu, built in 1897 by the masters brothers Duisenbay, Umir and Ordabai Karazhusupov. The cubic base of the mausoleum is crowned with a helmet-shaped dome. The dimensions of the monument in terms of 6.15×5.7 – meters, height – 8.21 meters, the main facade is given a special relief by angular three-quarter columns and a central, projecting the entire height of the wall, the section including the entrance aperture. The dome and the drum are combined with four decorative overlapping elements that fix the longitudinal and transverse axes of the monument. The highly artistic appearance of this large architectural structure makes it possible to attribute it to the masterpieces of folk architecture not only in the Mangystau region, but also in Kazakhstan as a whole.