The Shakshak Zhanibek Museum was opened in 1993 by the Decree of the Head of State. Shakshak Zhanibek Koshkarovich – was commander, diplomat and batyr.

The museum was built for the 300th anniversary of the birth of Shakshak Zhanibek and put into operation on August 27, 1993. The museum has two exhibition halls, a living room and an administrative room.

The museum’s exposition presents copies of letters from the Orenburg Museum of Shakshak Zhanibek to the Empress Catherine II and the order of the Empress to assign the title of Tarkhan to Shakshak Zhanibek.

According to the descendant of Shakshak Zhanibek Rahim Ryskeldin, Shakshak Zhanibek is buried in Turkestan in the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi.