A meeting of the primary party organization dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Nur Otan party was held in the ethnical memorial complex “Map of Kazakhstan Atameken.

The participants of the meeting has heard the report of the Secretary of the PPO “Atameken” Ilyasov Yermek Ergaliyevich, discussed the draft program of the   “Nur Otan” party until 2030 and elected a delegate to the XVIII extraordinary conference of the Esil district.

The report highlighted 10 main objectives of the “Nur Otan” party program until 2030:

  1. Transition to a proactive social policy
  2. Ensuring the education of the future, accessible to everyone
  3. Forming a strong nation of healthy people
  4. Growth of the economy for the well-being of all
  5. Supporting business as a basis for the well-being of society
  6. Creating conditions for comfortable life of citizens
  7. Improving the efficiency of the state in the interests of citizens
  8. Formation of a harmonious society of Responsible citizens.
  9. Youth Support – Generations of Great Opportunity
  10. Ensuring the long-term political leadership of the “Nur Otan” Party


During the meeting, party veterans, activists familiarized themselves with the draft program of the party until 2030, and expressed their opinion.

Information “Atameken”